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Dr. Rakesh Lad, D.C.

Rakesh Lad was born in Toronto, Canada and his family relocated to Plano, Texas where he has spent the rest of his youth/adult life. He attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science at the University of Houston and then attended Parker Chiropractic College. He has been practicing as a chiropractor in North Texas since 2008. Sports have been a major influence in Dr. Lad’s life growing up playing hockey and soccer since the age of five. He continues to partake in sports, community events, coaching and being the official team doctor for many teams. Dr. Lad’s passion for helping others has shaped his career and influenced the creation of an energetic, welcoming, family-friendly and sometimes goofy chiropractic and wellness clinic. Outside of the office Dr. Lad enjoys spending time with his wife Seema, sons Millan, Mikayl, and his warm, tight knit family. A few interesting facts about Dr. Lad are he has a twin brother, he was the captain of his high school hockey team and he performed in a Broadway Musical.


Dr. Hasheen Lad, D.C.

Hasheen Lad was born in Toronto, Canada and has spent most of his life in the Dallas area since moving to Plano in 1996.  He now resides in Prosper with his wife Priya and son Ari. Dr. Hash has been a practicing Chiropractor since 2016 and has had the opportunity to work with FC Dallas, UNT Hockey, Competitive Gymnasts, and Figure Skaters. He grew up in the world of sports from a very early age playing hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball and football. These experiences gave him knowledge of the biomechanics and the common ailments of multiple sports. Growing up, hockey was his main sport, where he had the honor of making it to Team USA's developmental camp in 2004. His understanding for sports injuries comes at a personal level from his own experience of having a torn ACL at the age of 14. After extensive Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, he developed a drive towards the path of healthcare. His passion to help others is why he truly enjoys Chiropractic.  When he is not in the office Dr. Hash loves to spend time with his family and be outdoors.  To this day, Dr. Hash still loves to compete and plays hockey every Sunday.


Seema Lad, R.P.H.

Seema Lad is an open, thoughtful, compassionate, fiercely dedicated colleague, friend and family member. She completed her Pharmacy Degree at the University of Toronto in Canada and soon became a Certified Diabetes Educator. She has a passion for building strong relationships with patients and their physicians, which allow her to better, understand and help with patients’ health goals. Seema’s life changed dramatically when, her now husband Rakesh Lad, swept her off her feet. Soon after she moved to Texas so they could begin their life together. Since she has pursued a holistic lifestyle, practicing as a Compounding Pharmacist, Certified Yoga Instructor and now Functional Nutritionist. For enjoyment, Seema loves crafting, spending active time with her son and husband, and traveling.


Josuè Meneses

Josuè Meneses was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Spanish is his first language. Moved to Dallas in 2012. Josue graduated from UNT with a Kinesiology degree and minor in Social Sciences. Josuè has been playing football since the age of 6 and still does. Josuè has a passion for helping others get better. Outside of the office Josuè likes hanging out with friends, playing football, spending time with his wife and refereeing soccer. Fun fact: Josuè is a twin like Dr. Lad.